PAWTUCKET, R.I. (WPRI) — You will soon have the chance to take home a piece of McCoy Stadium.

The city of Pawtucket said items from the stadium will be up for auction next spring to avoid the removal and collection of items during the winter.

The auction will be online and proceeds will go to the city or a related entity or charity.

Stadium seats are the most popular request, but they are installed as a row, not individually. To remove seats individually, the city said you will only be able to bid on the back of a chair, the bottom of the chair, or an entire row of 15-20.

There are a limited number of seats that are grouped into three or four that will be for sale. The city said they are working through ways to make it more accessible.

Here is a list of potential items that will be available:

    • Main Gate signs
    • Welcome to McCoy Stadium sign
    • Section signs
    • Parking signs
    • Restroom signs (men’s and women’s rooms)
    • Directional signs
    • All “moments” signs
    • Championship signs
    • Pastime Pavilion sign
    • Souvenirs sign (and possibly murals)
    • Soft Serve ice cream and Budweiser signs
    • Pawsox and Budweiser sign
    • Pitch Speed sign
    • Starting Lineup sign
    • Signs above the longest game scoreboard (damaged)
    • Radio station sign
    • Pawsox Store sign
    • McCoy Stadium scoreboard
    • Longest Game scoreboard
    • Player Posters (some have sun damage – list not finalized)
    • Photo Zone (photo back drop)
    • Food stand menu
    • Golden anniversary schedule

A full list of items and the official auction date will be announced in the first few weeks of the new year.

Anyone with questions is asked to email