NORTH SMITHFIELD, R.I. (WPRI) — Bryant University men’s basketball coach Jared Grasso is no longer facing a criminal charge connected to an incident last month, court records show.

Prosecutors on Tuesday dismissed a misdemeanor count of failing to stop in an accident resulting in damage to a vehicle, according to court records.

“We’re very pleased that the matter has been dismissed, and greatly appreciate the consideration given to the matter by the [North Smithfield] Police and solicitor,” Grasso’s attorney Craig Montecalvo told 12 News.

Grasso, 43, turned himself in on Oct. 8, a week after a woman told police she was side-swiped by a speeding vehicle on Route 146, which then continued down the highway. The woman gave the suspect’s license plate to police, which they said led them to Grasso, who denied being involved in the hit-and-run.

Grasso’s vehicle was visibly damaged in body-worn camera video released by North Smithfield police. He told police he was at a Smithfield restaurant and noticed the damage when he got back to his vehicle in the parking lot.

When 12 News asked for more information regarding the charge being dropped, North Smithfield police released a statement saying Grasso’s insurance carrier “accepted all liability in this matter; therefore, the case was dismissed.”

Grasso has been on a leave of absence from his coaching duties since late September. Following his arrest, Bryant said he had been suspended from all university-related activities, but never specified why.