LINCOLN, R.I. (WPRI) — One week after a Lincoln couple was found murdered inside their home, loved ones are still trying to come to terms with what happened.

Mark and Kim Dupre were found badly beaten inside their Main Street home last Thursday, according to police.

Jasper Williams (Courtesy: Alecia Williams)

Their alleged killer, Timothy McQuesten, was arrested and charged with first-degree murder later that day.

Three days later, he was found dead inside his cell at the ACI. The motive for the murder remains unknown.

“It just doesn’t add up,” Alecia Williams said. “But I guess it’s a story that doesn’t end.”

Williams, who lives in North Carolina, has a special connection with the Dupres.

Long before they were murdered, Williams suffered her own personal tragedy. In 2016, her 24-year-old son Jasper was stabbed to death in East Providence.

Following his death, Williams learned her son was an organ donor, and a year later, she received a phone call that his liver had been donated.

“The recipient happened to be Mr. Mark,” she said.

Mark sent Williams a thoughtful card after receiving the liver transplant, one that she’s kept ever since.

“Just wanted to thank you for my second chance of life,” Mark wrote.

Williams ultimately became good friends with the Dupres and eventually met the couple in person, one year after her son’s death.

“I would always say to him, ‘Mr. Mark, make sure you take your meds, make sure you stay healthy, make sure you eat right. Make sure you take care of that liver,” she said.

She said their kindness and generosity stretched far beyond Rhode Island.

Alecia Williams and Mark Dupre (Courtesy: Alecia Williams)

“They were a sweet couple,” she said. “They just … you know, he was always so nice, always positive, always energetic.”

Williams is heartbroken to have not only lost two of her friends, but also the only connection she had to her late son.

She said her son’s organs helped to save three other lives, and she hopes to one day meet those recipients as well. She also hopes her son’s late generosity will inspire others to do the same.

“My wish and my heart’s desire is to not only meet the other recipients, but to also have everyone become an organ donor so that people can continue to live their lives,” she said.