EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) – Three earthquakes haven shaken parts of Rhode Island since Saturday morning. No damage has been reported.

Rhode Island is not known for its earthquakes, but they do happen occasionally. They are usually small and not felt; however, quite a few people felt the earthquakes this weekend.

The United States Geological Survey adjusted the magnitudes of the quakes Sunday evening. The strongest, originally was a 2.5, but was lowered to a Magnitude 2.2.

The first quake, a Magnitude 2.1, hit at 4:42 AM EDT approximately 11 miles southeast of Narragansett. This quake was reportedly felt in Westerly and as far away as Waterford, CT.

The largest of the three earthquakes was at 10:15 PM EDT and was a Magnitude 2.2, centered approximately 10.5 miles southeast of Narragansett Pier. The shaking from this quake was felt from Narragansett, Middletown, Portsmouth, Little Compton and Westport, according to the USGS “Did you Feel It?” page.

A third earthquake happened early Sunday morning at 2:40 AM EDT and was a Magnitude 2.0, approximately 11 miles south-southeast of Narragansett Pier. This tremor was felt in Westerly.

The depth of all three quakes ranged between 1 and 3.5 miles deep under the ocean floor.

The last earthquake recorded in Rhode Island was in Exeter on January 1, 2020. That quake was a Magnitude 1.9.

In November, 2020, a Magnitude 3.6 earthquake in Dartmouth, MA caused minor damage in the area.