PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) —  Nearly one year ago, a local air traffic controller helped save the life of a pilot after his plane suffered a malfunction.

We have learned about his heroic actions, as the National Air Traffic Controllers Association will be honoring him.

Eyewitness News has the exclusive interview with air traffic controller, Joseph White, who quickly took control of the emergency and helped the pilot.

The pilot lost his GPS, autopilot, and even had a hard time seeing due to inclement weather.

“He was destined for Providence, as he got a little closer he was having trouble seeing Providence. Eventually he thought he saw the airport, but he saw Quonset, which is about seven miles to the south, so we agreed to send him in there. And at the last minute he realized he was going to the wrong airport and he wanted to turn back and go to Providence and I told him it would be best just to get him to Quonset and get on the ground to fix your plane,” said Joseph White.

The pilot eventually landed safely.

White has been working at T.F. Green airport for six years as an air traffic controller, but he will be moving on.

White tells us that he will be moving to Spokane, Washington and wants to see the country before he settles down.