PAWTUCKET, R.I. (WPRI) — A birthday surprise came true for a Pawtucket woman turning 94.

Like many — 2020 has been hard for Connie Johnson. But on Sunday, she was celebrated with a parade she never saw coming after New England’s first winter storm stopped Thursday’s celebration.

“My heart was going like this, very very happy. So excited,” she said after fire trucks and a parade of her loved ones went by her home.

In August, Connie’s husband of forty two years died.

“I miss him a lot,” she said.

Her husband was in a nursing home and she never got to say goodbye.

“I better not talk about that because it’s going to break my heart. My husband would’ve loved this, love it, love it,” she said.

But on Sunday, it was a time to celebrate the matriarch. Connie has give children, twelve grandchildren, and several great grandchildren.

But there’s also a special friend at 12 News she would love to chat with.

“Say hi to Tony for me, he’s my friend,” she said.

And Chief Meteorologist Tony Petrarca has a message for Connie.

“Hi Connie, it’s Tony Petrarca. Happy Birthday! I understand that you had a special day today. I just wanted to say I’m thinking of you today. I wish I could’ve been part of the parade that went by.”

Connie is a longtime fan of Tony’s and there’s a keepsake she wishes she would have once again.

“I had his picture and I lost it; I wish I could get one back,” she said.

“I will definitely get you another picture to send out to you and happy birthday and God Bless,” Tony said over Facetime on Sunday night.

Connie hopes she has another year or two left in her. She said her secret to living a long life is doing the best that you can.