TAUNTON, Mass. (WPRI) — A 6-year-old Taunton boy was pleasantly surprised Wednesday when two police officers showed up at his home with a brand new bike.

Officers Michael Flynn and Michael Hughes responded to Bryan King’s home Tuesday after his family reported that the bike had been stolen.

“She showed me that the bike was left on the side of the house, which unfortunately makes it easy for anyone to just walk up and steal it,” Hughes said.

Bryan’s mom, Dawn King, told the officers this was actually the second time his bike had been stolen, adding that the newer bike was an early birthday present.

“She didn’t report the first bike that was stolen because she was already getting him a new one for his birthday,” Hughes explained.

Hughes said he instantly felt bad for Bryan.

“He’s 6 years old, he just had his birthday and he already had his one bike stolen and now he has a second bike stolen,” Hughes said. “I know what it’s like growing up with a bike. I rode my bike every day up until I could drive.”

After Hughes and Flynn finished filing the police report, the two hatched a plan.

“We were getting ready to leave and I said to [Officer Flynn], I was like, ‘I think I want to buy him a bike,’ and he said, ‘let’s split it,'” Hughes recalled.

Courtesy: Taunton Police Department

Hughes and Flynn were able to purchase the exact same bike thanks to a label that Bryan’s mother gave them.

“I went to Walmart, showed them the picture and got the bike,” Flynn said.

The officers returned to the King’s home Wednesday afternoon and gave Bryan the new bike, as well as two bike locks to prevent someone from taking it.

“It was awesome,” Flynn said. “Just to see that smile, it was great.”

“Just knowing that he’s going to be able to ride a bike again and not have to wait weeks or months to get another one … that was the thing, we didn’t want him waiting,” Hughes added.

Bryan’s family had no idea the officers had purchased a new bike until they showed up with it. Dawn said it was an act of kindness she never expected.

“To have something like this come out of something bad is amazing these days,” she said. “Most of the time bikes go missing and they don’t come back or you have to wait to get a new one, but this just blew my day out of the water … It was truly heartfelt.”

Thankfully, Dawn said whoever stole the second bike has since returned it, so now Bryan has two bikes.