PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Geoff’s Superlative Sandwiches has been in business for years, serving up sandwiches at a reasonable price.

But inflation has hit the Main Street business hard, leaving owner Julianna Fonseca struggling to keep her prices down.

“We’ve seen our bread go up, we’ve seen cheese go up, honestly, it’s everything,” Fonseca said.

Products ranging from food to paper goods are more expensive now than they’ve ever been, according to Fonseca.

Fonseca said she’s trying to absorb the extra expenses as best she can, but she’s had no choice but to raise the price of their sandwiches.

“We are trying to balance between being fair to our customers who have been consistently helping us [stay in business],” Fonseca explained. “We don’t want to raise the prices [to the point] where they don’t want to come here any more.”

“It’s difficult because the food costs are just continuously rising,” she added.

Fonseca isn’t alone.

Small businesses across the country are struggling to stay afloat amid the price hikes. Inflation soared 9.1% over the last year, which is the largest annual increase since 1981.

It’s not just businesses that are struggling. Americans across the board are also changing their spending habits.

The Federal Reserve is planning on increasing interest rates once again in response to the inflation surge.