WARWICK, R.I. (WPRI) – Since the Covid 19 outbreak, people have been finding new ways to bring happiness to others during this trying time.

Bringing joy and happiness is something that seems to come naturally for Frank Picozzi.

For over a decade, his elaborate Christmas display in Warwick has been bringing holiday cheer to thousands.

Picozzi says the pandemic had numerous people asking him to bring back the joy – during this difficult time.

“My Christmas lights, it’s not something you go out and do in a couple of hours. It takes weeks and weeks and it’s not possible and it draws crowds and we can’t have that right now,” says Picozzi.

That’s when he had an idea, to bring his musical light show on the road.

“I’ve always had a Christmas tree up. I used to take it down to the ‘Good Night Lights’ at Christmas time and I set up something different to go down every Tuesday night. So, I built off that and made something portable on the back of my pick up truck and I bought some equipment so I could drive around and do it.

The community response has been amazing.

“It’s been fantastic. Every night we have hundreds of people.” When I get to their street they come out, they wave. The kids sing along. It’s been great. My motive was to make people smile to get through this and it’s working so far.”

Picozzi tells me he hopes to drive down every street in the City of Warwick. He’s even created a tracking system so you can follow his light journey and see where he will be popping up next.

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