FALL RIVER, Mass. (WPRI) — A Fall River man is recovering following a vicious dog attack.

Police said they found a 58-year-old man covered in blood inside his Charles Street home Wednesday night after he was reportedly attacked by a pit bull named Rex.

According to police, Rex was in his cage in the bathroom of the home when his owner opened the top of the crate to clean it. That’s when police said Rex jumped out and ran into the bedroom, where he started attacking a man. The owner told police she tried to peel the dog off the man, and was able to after a struggle.

Inside the bedroom, police said they found the man covered in blood. He was taken to St. Anne’s Hospital and then Rhode Island Hospital for additional treatment.

Rex was picked up by Animal Control.

“Pit bulls aren’t mean dogs at all. People are out putting a bad name on a pit bill because of the name pit bull,” said David Morrison of Fall River. “If you show a pit bull a lot of love, a lot of respect. They’re going to be respectful. They’re going to be loveable. If you raise them to be mean, it’s just like any other dog, they’re going to be mean.”

Police said the man should be okay. Animal Control is expected to be involved in the investigation.