PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — After the Rhode Island primaries, the Board of Elections (BOE) received requests to recount nine down-ballot races by Wednesday’s deadline.

The board plans to consider the requests Monday morning, and will immediately recount the races where the requests are approved.

The BOE is planning to add the last tranche of mail ballots to the race totals Thursday afternoon, which could change the calculus in the close races. But candidates had to request recounts prior to knowing the final tally.

The BOE received requests to recount the following races:

  • State Senate District 29: Jennifer T. Rourke leads Michael C. Carreiro by 232 votes, according to the preliminary results. Rourke earned 1,542 votes currently, while Carreiro won 1,310 votes.
  • State Rep. District 57: 34 votes separate Brandon T. Voas and longtime state Rep. James N. McLaughlin, who won 656 and 622 votes, respectively.
  • State Rep. District 58: George P. Hovarth made the request as he trails Cherie L. Cruz by 37 votes. Cruz earned 346 votes, compared to Hovarth’s 309, Maribel Echeverry McLaughlin’s 299, and Matthew P. Carvalho’s 88. (This seat is being vacated by state Rep. Carlos Tobon, who did not run for re-election.)
  • Providence City Council Ward 3: 15 votes separate the two leaders in the race as of midday Thursday. Susan R. Anderbois earned 1,220 votes, while Corey D. Jones won 1,205. Bradly John Vanderstad came in third with 263 votes.
  • Providence City Council Ward 4: 45 votes separate Justin M. Roias (562) and Joseph A. Casoli (517).
  • Providence City Council Ward 10: With 597 votes, Natalia D. Rosa Sosa trails incumbent Pedro J. Espinal’s 631 votes by 34.
  • Providence City Council Ward 12: Belen Florez is 20 votes behind Althea A. Graves, having earned 254 against Graves’ 274. Third place finisher Joseph F. Cornwall got 183 votes.
  • Providence City Council Ward 14: 36 votes separate Shelley Tracee Peterson, who had 445 votes total, and Andrew R. Poyant, who got 409. Patrick Timothy Griffin won 268 votes.
  • Providence City Council Ward 15: Just 14 votes separate incumbent Oscar O. Vargas (428) and Santos Javier (414).

The BOE plans to meet Monday morning to consider the requests. If approved, the recounts will happen after the meeting, then the board will meet again on Tuesday to certify the results.