CRANSTON, R.I. (WPRI) — Two close Providence City Council primary races were officially called Monday after recounts in the close races, with the results remaining unchanged.

Susan Anderbois beat Corey Jones by 28 votes in the Democratic primary to replace Nirva LaFortune in Ward 3 on the City Council after a recount Monday, the Board of Elections announced. (LaFortune left the seat to run for mayor.)

Anderbois will face independent Michael Fink in the general election.

The results in Ward 12’s Democratic primary, won by Althea Graves, also remained unchanged after candidate Belen Florez requested a recount. Graves beat Florez by just 12 votes with 282 votes to Florez’ 270, according to the Board of Elections. (The seat is currently held by Kat Kerwin, who didn’t run for re-election.)

Graves will face independent Seangsouk Keobouthanh in November.

The two council races were the only ones close enough to qualify for a recount out of the nine requested, Board of Elections executive director Bob Rapoza said Monday. The ballots in those two races were re-fed into voting machines.

Five other Democratic primary races with slightly larger margins qualified for a re-reading of the memory sticks from the machines that originally counted the ballots. Those race results remained unchanged after the re-read; Justin Roias won the primary for Providence City Council Ward 4, Shelley Peterson won in Ward 14, and incumbent Pedro Espinal won in Ward 10.

None of those three council candidates have challengers in the general election.

The board also re-read the results in House District 57 in Cumberland, where Brandon Voas ousted longtime incumbent Jim McLaughlin by 33 votes.

In House District 58 in Pawtucket, the seat being vacated by state Rep. Carlos Tobon, the re-reading of the results confirmed the win by Cherie Cruz.

Two other requested recounts didn’t qualify because they weren’t close enough, Rapoza said. In Senate District 29, Jennifer Rourke won the Democratic primary for the seat being vacated by Majority Leader Michael McCaffrey, who didn’t run for re-election.

Incumbent Oscar Vargas won the primary for Providence City Council Ward 15 over challenger Santos Javier. Both candidates in that race had requested a recount when Vargas was leading by just 14 votes the day after the primary, but mail ballots that were counted later in the week gave Vargas a lead of 183 votes.