PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Former Vice President Joe Biden paid a visit to Rhode Island for a campaign event on Sunday.

The Democratic presidential candidate spoke at a fundraising event at a home on Providence’s East Side.

Biden quickly entered the private residence on Manning Street where about 175 people were in attendance. The event only lasted about an hour and Biden did not answer questions from the media on his way out.

Those who were inside said he was energetic and enthusiastic about his presidential campaign.

Lt. Gov. Daniel McKee was among the supporters and said he is endorsing Biden.

“It was great to see the vice president here in Rhode Island and I’m backing him and it’s the wise thing to do because our country needs him,” McKee said. “He’s been very supportive with the infrastructure issues we spoke about and one of the things he spoke about in there is we are very close to the cure for Alzheimer’s.”

Supporter Mary O’Brien stood out in the rain hoping to see her pick for the 2020 Democratic ticket.

“I think he is the most qualified for the job,” she said. “He is experienced, he has the connections. I think he can step in one day one and get some things straightened out.”

Not everyone was in support of Biden on Sunday. A protester shouted at him: “Why are you going back on the pledge you signed onto?”

“No, I’m not!” Biden responded as he entered a waiting SUV and shut the door behind him.

“Back in June, Joe Biden signed the ‘no fossil-fuel money pledge’ and a few weeks ago, he announced he was going to start accepting money from his super PAC and the treasurer is a lobbyist who worked for the fossil-fuel industry. I was very disappointed he didn’t even want to talk to us,” Micheal Kearney said.

Biden was not the only presidential hopeful to make a stop in Rhode Island. Earlier this month, South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg met with supporters at a pair of events in Providence.

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