PAWTUCKET, R.I. (WPRI) — Republican Ashley Kalus announced endorsements from two Democrats on Tuesday evening with just two weeks left until Rhode Islanders head to the polls.

Former North Providence Mayor Richard Fossa and former R.I. House Speaker Matthew Smith threw their support behind Kalus during a rally at M&G Trucking and Transportation in Pawtucket.

“I don’t care if she’s a Martian from Mars,” said Fossa, who’s also current Mayor Charlie Lombardi’s chief of staff. “If she’s the best person for the job, she has my vote.”

Smith said Rhode Island has turned so far left that “people can’t navigate out of the grocery store.”

“Most things can be fixed in four to eight years and she’s willing to do it,” Smith said of Kalus.

The rally also served as the launchpad for the “Democrats for Ashley” coalition.

The endorsements come on the eve of First Lady Jill Biden’s visit to the Ocean State, during which she will campaign on behalf of Democratic incumbent Gov. Dan McKee.

When asked about Biden’s visit, Kalus described it as “sad” that McKee had to call in backup from Washington.