PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — First Lady of the United States Dr. Jill Biden’s message was clear Wednesday as she addressed Rhode Islanders ahead of the general election.

Biden encouraged everyone to get out and vote, stating that “it’s up to us” to make sure the right people are elected into office.

“These fights feel enormous, and they are,” Biden said. “But they come down to small moments. One ballot cast, one phone call to a neighbor who maybe forgot to vote, one ride offered to a polling place … these actions add up like drops in a tidal wave.”

“One vote can swing a precinct,” she continued. “One precinct can decide a district and one district can win a state. It starts with you.”

The first lady spent the afternoon traversing the Ocean State, stumping for the state’s Democrats with two weeks left before the general election.

Biden touched down at T.F. Green International Airport just after 3 p.m., where she was greeted on the tarmac by Gov. Dan McKee, Warwick Mayor Frank Picozzi and Rhode Island’s congressional delegation.

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Her first stop was Rhode Island College, where the first lady met with undergraduate students who were participating in an education networking event.

“Hi I’m Jill,” she said, shaking the hands of students and faculty members gathered inside the Adams Library.

Biden then delivered remarks to an eager crowd of students, faculty and campus administrators, during which she shared her own experiences as an educator.

“Teaching isn’t just a job to me. It’s a calling — a way to live out the belief that we can shape our corner of the world, one student at a time,” she said. “I think many of you may hear that voice calling you, too.”

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The first lady not only emphasized the importance of the profession, she also issued a call to action.

“Right now, schools across the country need more teachers,” she said. “America’s students need bright, passionate, creative, and curious leaders who will bring their whole hearts to their work. We need you.”

“Answer this call. Become a teacher,” she continued. “When you do, you’ll find a profession that brings you joy and meaning. You’ll know that someone out there is a better thinker because of you. That someone is sitting a little taller because you gave him confidence. Someone is working a little harder because you pushed her to try.”

Biden then made her way to Graduate Providence, where she attended a campaign fundraiser for Gov. Dan McKee, who’s running for re-election this fall.

The fundraiser was hosted by the Rhode Island Democratic Party as part of “a coordinated campaign effort to elect Democrats up and down the ballot.”

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Before Biden spoke, McKee touted his accomplishments and urged Rhode Islanders to vote for him and his Democratic allies.

“I could stand up here all night and talk about all of the things we got done in the last 20 months,” McKee said. “Imagine what we’re going to get done in the next four years.”

McKee also took the time to criticize his Republican opponent Ashley Kalus.

“I never thought that in Rhode Island, that a transplant would come into our state for a big contract for COVID, put millions of dollars in her pocket, have that contract pulled because of mismanagement, decide to register to vote and then run for governor,” McKee said of Kalus. “Can we explain that?”

Kalus, whose campaign launched its “Democrats for Ashley” effort Tuesday evening, said Biden’s visit “highlights just how nervous Dan McKee is becoming.”

“Desperate campaigns do desperate things,” Kalus said. “People are sick and tired of the status quo that has let them down for far too long … Rhode Islanders are standing up and saying enough is enough.”

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In her speech, Biden expressed the importance of voting for politicians who put Americans first.

“Right now, there are politicians out there who treat our government like a sport,” Biden said. “But governing isn’t a game. There is no us versus them … We’re just people. Americans from all walks of life who deserve hope.”

“Governor McKee understands that,” she continued. “From coaching basketball to running a family a business to his public service, Dan has dedicated his life to supporting the families of Rhode Island.”

Biden’s last stop was the Santa Maria Di Prata Society in Cranston, where she spoke to a crowd of Democratic congressional candidate Seth Magaziner’s supporters.

“Despite our differences, Americans across this country really do want the same things,” Biden said. “The chance to work hard and build a better life for their families.”

“So when extremists attack the rights of the vast majority of Americans, like a woman’s right to choose or they stand in the way of affordable prescriptions or clean energy, they’re letting down all Americans,” she continued. “That’s exactly what [Magaziner] is going to fight for in Congress. He will stand up for the right to choose and he is going to hold big corporations accountable when they put profits over people.”

Biden ended her speech by having the crowd chant Magaziner’s name.

Magaziner said it was “a true honor” to have Biden throw her support behind his campaign.

“I think it’s great sign,” Magaziner said of Biden’s visit. “When I’m in Congress, I will be able to ensure that leaders in Washington will pay attention to Rhode Island and that we get the resources we deserve.”

Magaziner also took a shot at his Republican challenger and former Cranston Mayor Allan Fung.

“I think there’s a lot of people who knew my opponent as mayor, but as they’re turning in they are realizing they don’t want … the Republicans in charge of Congress,” he said.

Fung spent the day in Boston for a fundraiser headlined by No. 2 House Republican Steve Scalise.

When asked about Biden’s visit Tuesday, Fung didn’t seem impressed.

“It just shows that [Magaziner] is doubling down on the failed policies of the Biden administration,” Fung said of his opponent.

The first lady departed Rhode Island for Washington, D.C., just before 8 p.m.