PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Wednesday is the 100th day of Gov. Dan McKee’s first full term in office.

To mark the day, McKee outlined his vision to improve education and meet, or exceed, Massachusetts’ levels by 2030.

“Today, we’re here to introduce a concept of change to help get us there,” he said.

His plan includes shifting from the traditional 180 school days to 365 days of learning to offer students more opportunities outside the classroom.

WATCH: McKee plans for a new “year round learning strategy” (Story continues below.)

It’s called “Learn 365 RI” and McKee said he has been introducing it to people across the state over the past several months.

“We know that it will take about 3 to 5 years to recover from the impact of the pandemic when it comes to education,” McKee said. “We also know that schools can’t shoulder the entire weight of getting us back on track and beyond. We need reinforcements – statewide and communitywide.”

McKee noted there are three areas where Rhode Island lags behind Massachusetts by around 10 points — RICAS math and English Language Arts scores, student attendance, and FAFSA completion.

Additionally, McKee announced a statewide goal of 1 million additional hours of out-of-school learning time per year.

“Think about it – if just 20,000 Rhode Island students add about an hour per week of out-of-school learning, that right there equals one million hours,” he explained.

He said this will only improve if everyone in the community is involved, not just teachers.

“A key component of our strategy to increase out-of-school learning time is to achieve a high-level commitment from mayors, town administrators, council presidents, and town managers across the state,” McKee said. “They are the ones who are uniquely positioned to take this effort communitywide.”

In order for this to work, Mckee said he needs every municipal leader across the state to sign the Learn 365 RI Municipal Compact. Newport Mayor Xay Khamsyvoravong was the first to sign it.

RIDE will meet with leaders who sign the compact and update them on where their community stands on the three key measures the state is focused on improving.

“This is our shot, Rhode Island,” McKee said. “Let’s take it and let’s make it.”