BOSTON (WPRI) — School is right around the corner and high schoolers in Massachusetts could soon be facing stiffer standards to graduate.

The Massachusetts Board of Elementary and Secondary Education is expected to vote Monday that would force students to earn higher scores on their MCAS to receive a diploma.

The proposal by Commissioner Jeffrey Riley was first presented in April.

If the vote passes it would apply to this year’s incoming freshmen by raising the scaled score on the English and Math tests from 472 to 486.

The proposal has seen a lot of opposition, including a letter signed by about 100 state legislators saying it would take a toll on students’ mental health and create equity barriers.

However, the board has said that raising the standards ensures that students are better suited for college and future careers.

The board is scheduled to meet from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the education department’s Malden headquarters.