PORTLAND, Conn. (WTNH)– Material mined from the Brownstone Quarry was used in the construction of apartment buildings and college campuses in cities like Chicago, New York, Boston and New Haven in the late 1800’s.  It’s a National Historic Landmark…now the site of some pretty modern fun.

We’re talking rock walls, giant inflatable blobs and an epic zip line that takes thrill seekers off the edge of a cliff to soar through the sky before a dramatic finale, skimming the water’s surface.

“It was just really high and the adrenaline rush! It was fun,” says Jada Jenkins, of West Hartford.

“I feel like I was nervous but for no reason because it was fun afterwards but it was scary!” says Jessica Nolan, of Yonkers, New York.

Experience Brownstone Exploration & Discovery Park in Portland where you work for your fun!.

“You’re climbing, you’re jumping, you’re swimming everywhere you go,” says Mike Kurys, Director of Operations.

Almost every attraction is open. It’s a pretty usual scene even during an unusual time.

“We are at 25% capacity, limited capacity. We’re requiring everyone to buy their tickets in advance, that way we can keep our numbers right,” says Kurys.

Visitors wear masks on the docks, not in the water.

“We have hand sanitizing stations everywhere and cleaning buckets everywhere,” he explains. “The equipment is cleaned after every use.”

It’s enough to make anyone, feeling a little stir crazy, loosen up and become a kid again!

Take a daring plunge then navigate to a new activity. Slip or slide with speed and style!

“It was a blast, it was so much fun,” says Anthony Cerasi, of Eastchester, New York. “It was nice to be out and about safely.”

Trust us, current conditions will make your trip here even more enjoyable.

“The one comment I keep hearing is, ‘It looks empty, it’s never empty!’ And it’s true. At 25% capacity, the park looks empty,” says Kurys. “You have a chance to do every activity and really not wait in huge lines.”

A unique destination that inspires exhilaration and exhaustion!

“Everyone gets a good night sleep, even the employees, after a day at Brownstone,” laughs Kurys.

Click here for more information about all safety protocols.