Man facing additional charges in animal cruelty case

Shaun Towne; Reporting by Chantee Lans - NORTH PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) -- A man accused of abandoning his elderly and malnourished dog has had two other dogs taken away from him, though not permanently.

Brian Kenney, 47, was arrested Wednesday and charged with failing to provide proper medical care for his ailing dog, Moses.

Moses was abandoned on or around August 7 in the parking lot of PetSmart on Atwood Avenue in Johnston, according to the Rhode Island Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

The RISPCA did everything they could for Moses, but he was in such poor health they ultimately had to put him down on Tuesday.

RISPCA President Dr. Ernest Finocchio said the public outcry from Moses' death prompted North Providence Animal Control officers to return to Kenney's home, where they discovered two smaller dogs.

The dogs are healthy, but Dr. Finocchio said they haven't received their rabies shots.

According to Finocchio, Kenney is facing two misdemeanor charges for failing to get his dogs those vaccinations. Each charge carries a possible fine of anywhere between $50 and $500 and up to 11 months in jail.

"I would venture to say that over 50 percent of all cats, dogs, and ferrets in the state of Rhode Island are not vaccinated for rabies," said Finocchio.

Kenney's dogs were brought to the shelter, where they'll remain until they receive their rabies shots on Friday.

"The sad thing about it is once the dogs are vaccinated, Mr. Kenney can get his dogs back," Finocchio added.

Finocchio said over the last three years, there have been an average of two to three cases just like Moses per year.

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