WARWICK, R.I. (WPRI) — Two people were arrested following their disruptive behavior at the Donald Trump rally on Monday in Warwick, Rhode Island State Police said.

About 800 people gathered inside the Crowne Plaza to hear the GOP front-runner speak. A few protesters were thrown out of the rally while fellow demonstrators clashed with Trump supporters outside the building.

Police made the arrests on Wednesday and charged 19-year-old Josh Sandin of Warwick, and 32-year-old Alexander Carrion of Providence, with simple assault and disorderly conduct.

On Monday, state troopers assigned to the Trump rally security detail began an investigation into reports of an assault. Police said the results of that investigation proved inconclusive, due to conflicting eyewitness accounts and a lack of cooperation from the two suspects.

“Lack of cooperation between the two people who were involved in the incident, and also some conflicting information we received from witnesses,” said Lt. Col. Todd Catlow of RI State Police.

According to police, videos of the incident were circulating across social media. On Tuesday, police obtained and reviewed the videos and said the footage shows Carrion push his way through the Trump supporters in an aggressive manner. Next, police said Carrion moved towards Sandin and spit in his face.

“Sandin and Carrion subsequently began pushing and shoving each other,” police explained.

One of the videos was shot by activist and filmmaker Rod Webber, who decided to black out Carrion’s face.

“The pro-Trump people, all over my Twitter and all over the YouTube page, were essentially making threatening comments putting Alex’s home address there,” he explained to Eyewitness News.

Webber believes a youthful current in the crowd was a factor in the tension.

“High percentage of college-aged men there on the pro-Trump side of things, as well as on the anti-Trump side,” he added.

Sandin and Carrion were arraigned on April 27 at State Police Headquarters and were released on $1,000.00 personal recognizance. They are expected to appear back in court on May 9.

Eyewitness News asked Catlow about any other issues outside the venue that day.

“We didn’t have any other instances that rose to this level. But when you watch the video, it becomes apparent that you had a very tumultuous situation out on Greenwich Avenue that day,” he said.

We also asked about similar incidents occurring at the local Sanders, Clinton and Kasich rallies – but officials said they did not get any similar incident reports.Annie Shalvey contributed to this report.