Tips on talking to teens from Academy of Pediatrics & Nat’l Institutes of Health.

The Stats

Teens & Sexting

  • One in five teens has sent or posted nude or semi-nude pictures or videos of themselves.

Talk to your Kids

Online Lives Forever

  • Teens should understand that nothing online is ever really deleted.

  • Friends, parents, teachers, coaches, strangers and potential employers can receive or find past posting.

  • Even if a text or image is deleted, it can be copied and posted somewhere else.

Get Real

Sexting Consequences

  • Teens should understand that they can be arrested, charged and convicted for possessing and distributing child pornography, even if the images are of themselves.

  • Sexting can also lead to expulsion from school and impact chances of getting into college.

Get Social

Learn the Tools

  • Learn about applications and social networking sites first hand.

  • Experts say there is no better way than to have a profile or use the app yourself. It will also enable you to connect with your kids and monitor their behavior.

Get Involved

Ease the Pressure

  • Experts say that peer pressure can play a major role in the sending of texts, with parties being a major contributing factor.

  • Collecting cell phones at gatherings of tweens and teens is one way to reduce this temptation.

Join Forces

Talk with Other Parents

  • Talk to other parents about what apps their teens are using.

  • Ask your kids about those technologies as a starting point for discussion.