EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) ─ Like many couples, Jeffrey and Delaney Robert said they had to make the difficult decision to cancel their summer wedding plans, opting to get married instead at a family home.

“It was smaller,” Jeffrey said. “It was a much more intimate event because of state restrictions on the gathering.”

The couple originally planned to wed in July at the Squantum Association, and per their contract, they paid half the cost of their wedding back in February.

But they tell 12 News that they’re struggling to get their money back due to the contract they signed.

“We’d given them over $13,000 and they said that, really, there was no way to get it back,” Jeffrey said. “This is a lot of money. It’s a lot of money for a person at any ag, and we’re just a young couple just trying to start life and we could really use the money.”

12 News reached out to the Squantum Association for comment on the Robert’s situation, to which they sent a statement that reads: “In these unprecedented times, we are working extremely hard to work with all of our current and future clients and we have successfully rescheduled and assisted the parties impacted by the pandemic and prevailing executive orders to create wonderful new events for them.”

“Our contracts are clear relative to cancellation and deposits and all parties signing same are aware of our policy,” the statement continued. “We are committed to our clients, membership, and staff and are working through the daily challenges in an effort to keep everyone safe while still enjoying the special experience that a Squantum wedding offers.”

Jeffrey said he’s aware that their contract states they are only allowed to reschedule and wouldn’t be refunded if they canceled outright, but they’re frustrated that the venue isn’t willing to work with them due to the pandemic.

The couple ultimately had no other choice but to sign a new agreement with the venue in order to get some of their money back.

“They said our ability for this $13,000 was to leave it there and get nothing or hold a smaller event in the future,” Jeffrey said.

The couple set their new date for 2023 because they’re hoping a vaccine will be created by then.