Repair Tip #1: Reputation

Check with the Better Business Bureau to see whether a repair shop is registered and has had any complaints lodged against it.

Repair Tip #2: Referrals

Finding a reliable auto mechanic is key, so ask around. Your family, friends, neighbors and coworkers are the best resources to find a good shop and help weed out the bad.

Repair Tip #3: Get a written estimate

Make sure to find out how much you’ll be charged not only for the work, but also to store your vehicle, if applicable, along with how much your insurance company will cover.

Repair Tip #4: Get a guarantee

Before a mechanic works on your car, ask whether the work is guaranteed and, if so, for how long.

Repair Tip #5: Know your warranties

Find out if any of the parts needing to be replaced are still under warranty with your dealer, and whether the repair shop offers any warranties on parts and labor.

What if something goes wrong?

Contact your insurance company

If your insurance company chose the collision repair shop, you may have some recourse through the company itself.

Under state law, car owners have the right to choose their own repair shop.

Contact the Better Business Bureau

In most cases, the Better Business Bureau will act as an intermediary between you and the auto repair shop.

Take it to Court

If all else fails, go to small claims court. These cases involve damages of up to $2,500 in Rhode Island and $7,000 in Massachusetts.

The filing fee for a small claims case is $75.75 in Rhode Island and varies by the size of the claim in Massachusetts.

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