BOSTON (WPRI) — The Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH) announced two additional cases of monkeypox in the state on Sunday.

According to health officials, the two positive cases were found in two adult men who had close contact with one another. Initial testing was completed on Saturday at the state public health laboratory in Jamaica Plain.

The DPH says neither case has been linked to the first case of the virus that was discovered back in May. Both men are currently isolated and healthcare providers are working to get in touch with possible close contacts.

There have been 49 total cases of monkeypox reported in the United States this year.

The DPH is reminding residents that there have been no deaths in the US or globally related to the outbreak, and only those who have had close contact with a carrier is at risk. Transmission occurs through direct contact with body fluids or monkeypox sores.

“Although monkeypox infections remain rare, and none of the close contacts from Massachusetts’ first case developed monkeypox during their monitoring period, the CDC is reporting that cases continue to rise across the United States,” said DPH State Epidemiologist Dr. Catherine Brown. 

“It is very important to be aware of the symptoms of monkeypox and to be vigilant. Individuals with concerning rashes should contact their healthcare provider,” she continued.

Rhode Island reported its first probable case of monkeypox on Thursday from a man who lives in Providence County.