JOHNSTON, R.I. (WPRI) — D. Palmieri’s Bakery said Wednesday they are changing their policy for selling their bottled sauces, after consulting with the Rhode Island Department of Health.

The department had announced Tuesday a recall of the company’s jars or bottles of five sauce varieties (Roasted Garlic, Clam, Tomato Basil, Fra-Diavalo, and Marinara sauces) sold at the bakery on Killingly Street in Johnston because they were not processed properly and had the risk of containing the dangerous bacteria clostridium botulinum.

The bakery said on their Facebook page Wednesday they will now sell the bottled sauces over the counter with a 7-day code.

In a statement Wednesday, the bakery said that no bacteria was found in the sauce, and the recall was out of an abundance of caution.

Besides the bottled sauces, the bakery also packs pizza sauces on a daily basis in other packaging, and those were not affected by the recall.

There have been no reports of any health issues with the affected products, but the bakery says it will refund customers’ money if they wish to return them.