PYEONGCHANG, South Korea (KXAN) – One Team USA athlete did not join his American teammates during the opening ceremony, he’s still in the hospital recovering from an emergency surgery.

Bobsledder Justin Olsen had an appendectomy after arriving in South Korea and still plans competing. He posted video of his first post-surgery workout on twitter saying he’s determined to compete.

He also posted a picture of his girlfriend visiting him in the hospital and says his mind and body are rapidly healing.

Olsen has about two weeks before competition.

His teammates spoke at a news conference, which Olsen missed because of his recovery, to discuss another tough situation for the bobsled team, the death of driver Steve Holcomb.

“It’s been really been hard but I think he we have Holcomb, Team Holcomb on the back of our sleds on my seat on the two man and I think he is with us,” said Texas Sam McGuffie, “I wear his bracelet, it’s kind of just has his name on it. It faded away but we just wear it. I never take it off; I’ll compete with it.”

The Opening Ceremony airs tonight at 8 EST.