BRISTOL, R.I. (WPRI) – It’s a welcome end to the school year for many students. The struggles and challenges of distance learning very real, but the positivity that radiated was immeasurable.

It’s the last week of classes for students at Colt Andrews Elementary School in Bristol. 

“Distance learning was really challenging at the elementary level. My 5th graders persevered. They worked really hard and treasuring those small moments just sharing kindness and the integrity to do the right thing,” said Ms. Stephanie Pedro.

The experience inspired students in Miss Pedro’s 5th grade class to put a little extra positivity out in the universe.

“A student Thalia in our class it was her idea. She said why don’t we get together some positive pictures together or videos or something to share out with everything that is going on,” said Pedro.

The kids took the concept and ran with it.

“It was all their idea. All I simply did was put it together.” Pedro continued, “She’s a rock star. I have a great group of kids. They collaborate so well together and work hard. It was her idea to come up with the positive messages and then her mom suggested why don’t we share it not just with the parents but with the public.”

The video messages a reminder for all that school isn’t just about learning what’s in a textbook.

Pedro agreed saying, “It’s nice to take the focus off academics for once and focus on that social, emotional piece that I think is so important with kids.”

Next year these students will be attending Kickemuit Middle School in Warren.

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