MANCHESTER, N.H. (WPRI) — The family of a New Hampshire woman who reportedly gave birth in the woods and abandoned her newborn on Christmas night claims they had no idea she was pregnant.

Alexandra “Allie” Eckersley, 26, was taken into custody early Monday morning after prosecutors believe she misled officers to the location of her newborn son.

Officers searched for nearly an hour before Eckersley redirected them to an unheated tent in the middle of the woods. Prosecutors said the infant was found naked and suffering from hypothermia, according to WCVB.

The infant was rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment and is expected to survive.

Eckersley, the adopted daughter of retired Red Sox broadcaster and MLB legend Dennis Eckersley, was arrested and initially charged with reckless conduct. She was also charged with endangering the welfare of a child, second-degree assault with extreme indifference and falsifying physical evidence during her arraignment Tuesday.

Prosecutors believe Allie, who is homeless, didn’t immediately reveal the location of her tent because she didn’t want the officers to take it away.

In a statement, the Eckersley family said the incident has left them “utterly devastated.”

“It is heartbreaking that a child was born under such unthinkable conditions and in such tragic circumstances,” the Eckersley family said.

The Eckersley family claims they didn’t know Allie was pregnant, and that she’s voluntarily lived on the streets of New Hampshire since she was 20 years old.

“Allie has suffered from severe mental illness her entire life,” the Eckersley family explained. “Allie was hospitalized numerous times for her illness and lived in several residential programs. We did our very best to get Allie all of the help and support humanly possible.”

“Once Allie became an adult there was even less we could do because she was legally free to make her own decisions as long as she was not a danger to herself or others,” the statement continues. “Under existing laws, there was simply no way to force her to receive treatment.”

The Eckersley family said they’ve continuously offered Allie a place to stay so long as she sought out treatment.

“We have always offered Allie a path home but she has made other choices,” the family wrote. “We hope Allie now accepts the treatment she desperately needs for her mental health issues.”

The Eckersley family said they’re grateful for the first responders who saved their grandson, and are in the process of “filing a guardianship petition” for him.

Allie was released on $3,000 cash bail on the condition that she live in a sober facility, with a parent, or at another residence approved by the state. She was also ordered to have no contact with her newborn or anyone under the age of 18.