PROVINCETOWN, Mass. (WPRI) — After identifying the “Lady of the Dunes” earlier this week, police are now seeking information on her deceased husband.

Massachusetts State Police identified him as Guy Rockwell Muldavin, who they believe the “Lady of the Dunes” married months before her body was found.

After nearly 50 years, the “Lady of the Dunes” was identified as Ruth Marie Terry on Monday. Terry’s body was found in the sand dunes one mile east of Race Point Ranger station in Provincetown in 1974.

Courtesy: Massachusetts State Police

The case has haunted Provincetown for decades, as authorities struggled to identify the victim and her killer. The FBI Boston division said they were able to identify her using genealogy, historical records and DNA analysis.

Terry’s hands were missing when she was found, preventing investigators from identifying her using fingerprints.

Police said Muldavin was a while male also known as Raoul Guy Rockwell or Guy Muldavin Rockwell. They also released additional names Terry was known by, including Teri Marie Vizina, Terry M. Vizina and Teri Shannon.

Muldavin and Terry were married in February 1974, according to police.

Those with information about Muldavin and Terry, including their whereabouts in 1973 and 1974, are encouraged to contact police at 1-800-KAPTURE.