MIDDLEBOROUGH, Mass. (WPRI) — Police in Middleborough are investigating vandalism at Middleborough High School they say occurred Saturday night.

Police say around 7:40 a.m. Sunday morning, police were called to the high school at 71 East Grove St., for a report of vandalism to an exterior wall of the building.

Police observed spray-painted tags on the side of the building, which they say used “hateful language and imagery, including a swastika.”

“There is no place for the type of hate these individuals put on display at Middleborough High School, and we are committed to working with the school administration and our community partners to both investigate the crime that took place and address the messages themselves,” Chief Joseph Perkins said in a news release. 

Middleborough High School Principal Paul Branagan shared the news with the high school on Facebook, adding there was a direct threat against him spray painted on the outside of the high school.

“The incident that took place on our campus is intolerable,” Branagan wrote on Facebook.

Branagan says the school’s facilities team is working to remove the vandalism once all evidence is collected by police, and says an outside cleaning company will be on site Monday to work to remove the spray paint from the outside of the school.

Branagan noted all vandalism has been covered until the proper cleaning can be done to remove the spray paint.

“I need to make something absolutely clear; I am beyond frustrated that this happened at our school. The hateful symbols and threats have no place on our campus and within our community,” Branagan said. “This behavior will not be tolerated on any level.”

Middleborough school officials shared surveillance images showing two suspects believed to be involved with the incident.

Middleborough Police ask that anyone who believes they have information about the incident or the suspects call the department at 508-947-1212.