BOSTON (WPRI) — The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is investigating a close call between a JetBlue flight and a Learjet Monday night at Boston Logan International Airport.

“I’ve probably never gotten that close to the ground before and I’ve probably never gone back into the sky that rapidly which told me for sure something had gone wrong,” Adam Johnson said.

Johnson flies a lot for business, but his flight into Boston from Nashville was like no other.

In a statement, the FAA said “the pilot of a Learjet 60 took off without clearance while JetBlue Flight 206 was preparing to land on an intersecting runway.”

Johnson said no one on the plane knew what was going on and he didn’t know what had happened until he saw a news report the following day.

“I think the pilots did a really incredible job. I mean we came in, it was a scary situation but it was very smooth,” he said.

“Every time I’ve ever had an unusual landing experience the pilots, flight attendant, somebody comes on and says something,” he continued. “In this case literally we come back around and land and I don’t remember exactly what they said but it was basically like ‘Welcome to Boston.'”

This is the fourth close call involving a commercial aircraft within the last three months nationwide.

There was one at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York in January, a second in Austin, Texas, in February, and a third off the coast of Hawaii in December.

These incidents prompted FAA Administrator Billy Nolen to say he was putting together a team of experts to review airline safety.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.