METHUEN, Mass. (WPRI) — Dozens of sugar gliders and two hedgehogs are in search of their forever homes.

The Massachusetts Society for Prevention of Cruelty To Animals (MSPCA) took in 33 sugar gliders and the hedgehogs after they were surrendered by their owner last week.

The exotic pets are currently being cared for by Nevins Farm.

“I think two things were at play here,” Meaghan O’Leary, director of operations at Nevins Farm said. “The owner was dealing with some medical issues, and there were a lot of [sugar gliders] on the property, so those factors likely led to the surrender.”

“But regardless of how animals end up coming to us, our job is to help them all find great new homes,” she added.

O’Leary said it’s “rare” for Nevins Farm to take in sugar gliders, let alone dozens of them.

“We don’t often have sugar gliders in our care,” she said. “We really need adopters to step up and take these guys home.”

O’Leary said while sugar gliders aren’t for everyone, they’re great for the right adopters.

“They’re unique and fun to take care of,” she said. “They’re also incredibly endearing.”

Sugar gliders are omnivores that require a diverse diet of insects, fruits, vegetables and nectars, according to the MSPCA. That’s why they’re, “looking for adopters committed to maintaining this complex diet and the specialty care sugar gliders need.”

The MSPCA said sugar gliders also don’t like the be alone, which is why they’re requesting adopters take home at pair at minimum.

Anyone interested in adopting should apply online.