BOSTON (WPRI) — Massachusetts Gov. Maura Healey announced two new executive orders related to climate action on Monday.

Effective immediately, Healey is banning state agencies from buying single-use plastic bottles.

“Plastics are one of the biggest threats to our oceans. In government, we can chart a better path forward, and Massachusetts is proud to lead the way,” Healey posted on social media.

Healey also directed the state to set biodiversity conservation goals for 2030, 2040, and 2050, and developed strategies to meet these goals.

“These are the nation’s strongest protections and are among the first to extend to coastal and marine habitats,” she wrote.

Around the world, 1 million plastic bottles are purchased every minute and the increased use of plastic has “severe environmental, social, economic and health consequences,” according to the United Nations.

“Massachusetts can’t do this alone — our natural world recognizes no political divisions, and neither should our work to protect it,” Healey wrote. “Working together, we can protect our oceans, our people, and our future.”

Healey wants the government to stop contributing to plastic waste and chart a better path forward.

“In our costal state, we know climate change is our biggest threat. We also believe that taking action is our greatest opportunity. An opportunity to secure a safe, prosperous and sustainable future,” Healey said.

Rhode Island Gov. Dan McKee’s office told 12 News the governor asked his policy staff and the Department of Environmental Management (DEM) to review Healey’s executive order.

The DEM announced on Tuesday they are in the final stages of writing the rules for a statewide ban on single-use plastic bags.

McKee signed the bill back in 2022. The ban will go into effect on January 1.