BOSTON (AP) — A former Boston man charged with the 2007 killing of a live-in girlfriend whose body has never been found has pleaded not guilty to murder at his arraignment.

David Pena was held without bail after Tuesday’s plea in connection with the presumed death of Felicia McGuyer, who was reported missing by her mother in October 2007. She has not been heard from since, police said.

“Pena’s prosecution is the result of a lengthy investigation by the Boston Police Department and the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office,” authorities said in a statement.

Pena’s lawyer did not argue for bail. An email seeking comment was sent to the defense attorney.

Pena, who was transferred to Boston from a Florida jail over the weekend, was charged based on the statements of several witnesses, including one who told police in 2017 that he saw McGuyer’s body wrapped up in a carpet and a blanket in the Dorchester apartment the couple shared, and helped the suspect drive the body to a wooded area of the city.

The witness told investigators he returned to the vehicle to wait for Pena who later returned to the car without the body, prosecutors said.

Pena told police as far back as 2008 that he had been in a fight with McGuyer, a 32-year-old mother of an 11-year-old boy at the time, and that she had stabbed him in the shoulder with scissors.

He said he went to his mother’s home and when he returned to their apartment several days later, McGuyer and her belongings were gone and he thought she had moved to Florida to be with an ex-boyfriend.