WHITMAN, Mass. (WPRI) — A Marine who lost his graduation ring over Memorial Day weekend quickly got it back thanks to a good Samaritan and local police.

Lance Cpl. Wanyoike Wainaina said he lost the ring while playing basketball at a park in Whitman, Mass.

The ring was found during a Memorial Day parade and turned in to Whitman police, who posted pictures of it online.

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Whitman Police Lt. Daniel Connolly also reached out to a Marine recruiter in Brockton who was able to match the ring up with its owner.

“It’s important that the person who found it actually took the time to walk it across the street and bring it to us, and the person that dropped this ring, earned this ring … we should try to reunite them,” Connolly said.

Wainaina said it was a relief.

“While I was in college, I remember my old dog tags, I lost them and they never showed up,” Wainaina recalled. “But here in Whitman, after a few days, it showed up instantly. It really showed me there’s something special about Whitman.”