BOSTON (WWLP) — The tragic death of Ollie is hoping to spark change on Beacon Hill by regulating kennels and doggy daycares.

Longmeadow resident Amy Baxter took her labradoodle Ollie to daycare back in 2020, where he was mauled and later died from his injuries.

Animal lovers gathered at the State House Tuesday to bring attention to Ollie’s Law. There are currently no state regulations at boarding facilities and advocates are trying to change that.

Jeni Mather, who owns a full-service doggy daycare, is in support of this legislation.

“I think that the framework of this is really simple, it’s not overreaching and it’s asking for the bare minimum for the safety of not just our pets, but also for the employees that are entrusted to us, to have a good place to work,” she said.

Ollie (Photo courtesy from Dakin Humane Society)

The law would establish rules regarding animal and employee safety. It would mandate injury reporting and it would call upon the Department of Agricultural Resources to create rules and regulations for kennels and doggy daycares.

Rep. Brian Ashe said he’s hopeful that this bill will make it to the floor for a vote this year.

“I’ve had dogs my entire life, and they really are a member of your family,” he said. “To know you’re dropping your dog off and you get horrible news, because there weren’t policies in place because there weren’t emergency protocols in place, it’s really heart-wrenching, it’s totally preventable.”

The bill would also create a committee to advise the Department of Agricultural Resources on the regulations. A hearing on Ollie’s law was held in front of the Joint Committee on Municipalities and Regional Government.