Two emus went for an adventure in Freetown Thursday night, after people reported seeing them running near the railroad tracks on Braley Road.

The owners told Freetown Animal Control officers that something came into their yard and went after their chickens. They believe the emus became scared, pushed through a gated area and escaped.

The animal control officers posted on their Facebook page that they were only able to catch one of the emus at first. Thursday night, before midnight, some Good Samaritans stopped and blocked Braley Road to prevent the bird from being hit and to allow an animal control officer to capture it.

The second emu was found later Friday morning by a Lakeville animal control officer.

Freetown Animal Control posted to their Facebook page a few hours later saying the emus were returned to their home safely.

“Thank you so much to everyone who helped catch them, put the word out and offered a safe place for them,” the post said.