BOSTON (WPRI) — A Rhode Island man who was accused of raping and drugging a woman in Boston is no longer facing criminal charges.

Suffolk County District Attorney Kevin Hayden filed a notice of nolle prosequi, which means the Commonwealth is no longer prosecuting Robert McClanaghan.

“Based on a review of all available evidence, including information that emerged after the defendant’s arrest, the Commonwealth has determined that it cannot prove these charges beyond a reasonable doubt at trial,” Hayden wrote in the filing.

McClanaghan, 43, of Warwick, was arrested in November on charges of rape and drugging for intercourse. According to the police report obtained by 12 News, surveillance video from a restaurant showed what appeared to be McClanaghan sprinkling something into the woman’s drink. She told police they had a couple drinks then went up to her hotel room, but she then blacked out and doesn’t remember anything after that.

The DA’s office said in a statement they believe dropping the charges was the “appropriate action.”

”Our responsibility in all cases is to follow the evidence wherever it leads,” Chief of Communications James Borghesani said. “In some cases that endeavor does not add up to a viable prosecution. We have a duty to recognize that conclusion and to take the appropriate action when it is reached. We have taken that appropriate action today.”

McClanaghan is an athletic trainer who’s worked with some of the biggest names in the NBA. His attorney sent a statement to 12 News saying McClanaghan and his family “are relieved that this nightmare is over.”

“He has maintained his innocence from the beginning,” the statement continued.

McClanaghan’s lawyer said a fugitive from justice charge that came about because his client was arrested in Rhode Island will also be dropped.