EDGARTOWN, Mass. (WPRI) — When around 50 Venezuelan refugees arrived on Martha’s Vineyard unannounced, the community tapped into an unlikely source for interpreters.

Four actors in a Latino play at the Martha’s Vineyard Playhouse answered the linguistic call to action.

Erik Robles, of Providence, is a member of the cast of Burning Patience, based on the book “El cartero de Neruda.” The production started running Aug. 26 at the Playhouse, with their last show slated for Saturday.

The production’s artistic director heard about the need for interpreters and was asked if the cast could lend a hand. Robles, who is Puerto Rican-Dominican, and the rest of the cast stepped up.

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“It was incumbent upon me to come here to help my people,” Robles said. “I’m Dominican and Puerto Rican so I know what the immigrant story is like. I never experienced it. And it breaks my heart to even think of what these people are going through nonetheless see it.”

Robles said in his conversations with the Venezuelan refugees, he’s heard different points of view on the situation: some feel privileged to have come to Martha’s Vineyard, saying they now have more opportunities. Others feel promises to them weren’t fulfilled.

“Others are very timid, others feel very betrayed,” Robles added. “Because they were told one thing and then they were just dropped off here randomly.”

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One of the migrants, who asked to remain anonymous, told 12 News he willingly got on a flight to Massachusetts but did not expect to land on an island.

“I didn’t know the trip would be to Martha’s Vineyard,” the man said in Spanish.

Despite the unexpected arrival, he and many others in the group are anxious for work. The man said he wants a job so he can bring his family to the United States.