BOSTON (WPRI) — For $1.2 million, you could own an iconic Boston landmark.

Sandwiched between two brick buildings in the city’s North End is the famous “Skinny House” and it’s up for sale.

The 1,165 square-foot two-bedroom home at 44 Hull Street was built in the 1890s and is only about 10 feet wide.

According to the listing on Zillow, it has one bathroom, a full kitchen, and it comes with a private roof deck with unobstructed views of the city and the Boston Harbor.

The property is said to have belonged to two brothers, however, when one of the brothers was away fighting in the Civil War, the other sibling built a large home on the shared property. When the other brother returned home, out of spite, he built the “Skinny House,” blocking his brother’s views.

Due to the home’s size, there is no front door. Visitors and residents instead get inside the home through a window-like side entrance.