BOSTON (WPRI) — Patrick and Hannah Mahoney got married on Saturday, but it was a close call.

Their ceremony was on Thompson Island in Boston Harbor and while Hannah was already there, Patrick was going to take the ferry over that afternoon — until it broke down.

Patrick and several others were stranded at the dock, but not for long thanks to the Boston Police Department Harbor Patrol.

Officers quickly responded to assist but when they arrived to escort the groom, they realized the situation was dire.

“It was our florist, our DJ, all of the groomsmen, the groom, so I think it would have been a bunch of girls sitting on the island waiting around if that had not happened,” Hannah said.

Police say the groom and everyone else made it to the ceremony with about five minutes to spare.

“We’ll give them something to remember. Getting a ride on a police boat is kinda special for their big night,” Officer Joe Matthews said.

Several hours later, Matthews returned to Thompson Island to “share a laugh and congratulate the newly married couple before they returned to their reception surrounded by their friends, families and loved ones.”