SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The Springfield Police Department is recognizing two officers for saving a three-month-old baby girl on Monday.

Officers Christopher Charles and Luis Rodriguez were working on a detail assignment at the intersection of Bradley and Wilbraham roads when a woman got out of her vehicle and was screaming her baby wasn’t breathing.

When the officers got to the vehicle, the baby was pale, choking, and gasping for air.

Officer Rodriguez called for an ambulance and Officer Charles took the baby out of the car seat placed her face down on his forearm and began patting her on the back to clear her airway. The baby started crying and a white liquid was coming out of the baby’s mouth.

Officer Rodriguez had turned on his police bodycam during the incident. The pair worked together to help the baby, and calm the mother and the second child in the vehicle. The officers said they were thankful for the police training that allowed them to help the family without hesitation.

“I just relied on my training, someone was in distress and we were trained to react. We do a lot of training in the academy, also just came from in-service so,” Officer Charles said.

You can watch the full body cam footage below (Viewer’s discretion is advised):

The baby was taken to a local hospital for evaluation and was released the same day.

Superintendent Clapprood said this was a clear example of why police should have body cameras. Not just for the controversial moments but also to capture the proud moments and good work of our police force.