ATTLEBORO, Mass. (WPRI) — An Attleboro man was arrested Tuesday evening for severely damaging a Jesus crucifixion statue outside of a landmark cathedral in Boston, according to authorities.

Michael Patzelt, 37, has been charged with assault and malicious destruction of property.

Officers responded to the Cathedral of the Holy Cross on Washington Street after receiving reports of a man climbing the cross.

Passersby reported seeing the man, later identified as Patzelt, “hanging and swinging from” the Jesus statue, according to prosecutors.

Officers arrived to find that Patzelt had snapped both of the 150-year-old statue’s arms off at the shoulders, leaving them hanging by their hands from the horizontal crosspiece.

Patzelt is also accused of knocking a woman’s hat off of her head as she was leaving a nearby food mart.

Prosecutors estimate that Patzelt caused roughly $20,000 worth of damage. He’s currently being held on $5,000 bail.