BOSTON (WPRI) — At least five people have been taken into custody as climate protestors blocked traffic during rush hour in Boston Wednesday morning.

The group, Extinction Rebellion Boston, announced plans that they were going to block four major traffic routes around the city protesting fossil fuels. They were seen carrying flyers reading, “Stop the fossil fuel industry now.”

Massachusetts State Police posted on Twitter that the five arrested were on the ramp from Leverett Circle to Route 93.

Officials were also seen towing away a pickup truck, according to WFXT, that was carrying two pink barrels that protestors planned to use to block the roads as well as several posters.

During the protest, Extinction Rebellion Boston wrote on Facebook saying, “In regards to today’s disruption: We’re sorry. This is an emergency and we need your attention. We demand that Massachusetts ban new fossil fuel infrastructure.”

State police say those arrested will likely face trespassing charges.

Boston police and state police say they will continue monitoring for any additional incidents that may arise.

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