BOSTON (WPRI) — The push for a four-day work week in Massachusetts was discussed during a hearing Tuesday afternoon on Beacon Hill.

The bill set to go before the Labor and Workforce Development Committee proposes a tax credit to businesses that join a pilot program exploring the benefits of a shortened work week.

The two-year pilot program would be called the “Massachusetts Smart Work Week Pilot” where employees would receive a reduction in work hours without losing out on pay. Employees would also have the choice to opt out of the program.

The bill’s sponsor, Rep. Josh Cutler, said research indicates that four-day work week models have the potential to reduce burnout and boost performance among workers without affecting employer productivity.

That research was a six-month trial with Boston College and companies in the United Kingdom.

Thousands of employees worked for 32 hours and all 61 companies said they would not go back to working five days a week.

At the end of the pilot program, there would be a report on the economic impact of the shortened work week as well as how it affects the quality of life for its employees.