WAREHAM, Mass. (WPRI) — As strong thunderstorms moved through Southern New England on Tuesday, two boats off the coast of Wareham, Massachusetts, were struck by lightning.

Firefighters were already on scene at Onset Bay around 7 p.m. treating what they say was a sailboat leaking fuel caused by a lightning strike.

That’s when crews say they saw the second lightning strike with their own eyes, hitting an antenna on a fishing boat.

“Very odd for us to be actually on scene and be here when it happens,” Fire Chief Jeffrey Osswald said.

The man who owns the fishing boat, Christopher Whitton, says he uses his boat every single day and was told his boat’s engine batteries exploded.

“I’ve got a lot of work to do,” he told WBZ. “We’ve got to figure out exactly what happened. I mean, batteries don’t just explode.”

Whitton’s boat carries 40 people a day but the boat will be out of commission until next week. He adds that in his 25 years on the job, he’s had worse happen.

This comes shortly after residents in Bristol reported eight lightning strikes within a five-minute span. One home had caught fire, another had its chimney damaged, and an apartment complex was also struck.