Editor’s Note: News 8 has decided to release an edited portion of Officer Iurato’s body camera video.

WARNING: The video may be disturbing to some viewers

BRISTOL, Conn. (WTNH) — The suspect who shot and killed two Bristol, Connecticut, officers fired more than 80 rounds at them, according to a report released Sunday.

Sgt. Dustin DeMonte, 35, and Officer Alex Hamzy, 34, were killed after police said they were called to a home for a possible domestic situation between two brothers. Officer Alec Iurato, 26, was also wounded.

Bristol police said Iurato returned fire, shooting 35-year-old Nicholas Brutcher in the throat and killing him. His brother Nathan was injured.

The Inspector General’s Office ruled that Iurato’s use of deadly force against Nicholas was justified.

“Although some details of the investigation remain to be determined, it is evident from the evidence collected so far that Officer Iurato’s use of deadly force was justified,” the report reads.

The investigation is in the preliminary stage, according to the state inspector general’s office.

Police responded to 310 Redstone Hill Road after receiving the 911 call that authorities believe Nicholas Brutcher made, according to the report. The officers spoke to Nathan Brutcher at the home’s side door and ordered him to show his hands and step out of the house.

As Nathan stepped outside, his brother then fired more than 80 rounds at officers, attacking them from behind, according to the report.

Even after being shot in the leg, Iurato got back to his cruiser, where he fired one shot, hitting and killing Nicholas Brutcher.

Both DeMonte and Hamzy were wearing body cameras. The state will not be releasing the footage from those cameras at this time because they believe it would be “an unwarranted invasion of the personal privacy of Sergeant DeMonte and Officer Hamzy, who are both victims of homicide.”

Parts of Iurato’s body camera footage have been released. The two-minute video starts with “Shots fired, shots fired, more cars, send everyone.”

Screaming is heard in the background.

The footage then shows Iurato getting away from the scene, stating, “Officer shot, officer shot.”

A loud noise is heard repeatedly as he makes his way to his cruiser. From there, he fired one shot, walks around his vehicle, and said “One down. Suspect down.”

Police told News 8 that the 911 call to the home was fake and made to deliberately lead the officers into an ambush.

Earlier that night, police were called to the bar Bleachers for a dispute, according to sources, who have not clarified the nature or cause of the dispute. It was there that they came into contact with the suspect, Nicholas Brutcher.

A car belonging to either Nicholas Brutcher or his brother was towed from the bar.

Autopsy information released Friday confirmed that both officers and Nicholas Brutcher were shot to death.

Sources close to the investigation confirmed to News 8 that Nicholas Brutcher used an AR-15-style firearm in the shooting. Those sources also told News 8 that 14 guns were seized from the home during the investigation.

The guns seized by police were legally registered before the weapons were outlawed in 2013, and were therefore grandfathered in, according to the sources.