BURRILLVILLE, R.I. (WPRI) — Police arrested a Burrillville man for reportedly leaving an improvised explosive device (IED) inside a bathroom at a Connecticut drive-in over the summer.

Matthew Farley, 36, was arrested earlier this month and charged with criminal attempt to manufacture a bomb and breach of peace, according to Connecticut State Police.

Troopers were called to the Mansfield Drive-In back in June after a someone spotted the suspicious device in the restroom and alerted the staff.

The device was described as “a red and white Altoids container with a blinking red light on top of it and a cardboard box underneath,” according to police report. The cardboard box appeared to have a bomb drawn on it, along with the words “flammable.”

The Stafford Road venue was evacuated out of an abundance of caution as the state’s bomb squad investigated.

Bomb squad technicians believed it to be a “possible live device,” according to the report.

The technicians examined the tin container via X-ray and noticed there were “wires, a clothes pin and a battery inside.”

The technicians were eventually able to render the device safe. Detectives then returned to the bathroom to investigate, where they found “multiple pieces of evidence from the device after it was rendered safe.”

Detectives found broken pieces of PVD tubing and wires scattered throughout the bathroom near where the device was found, as well as a portion of the Altoids container and a piece of fireworks packaging, according to the report.

Farley was the suspect following a “complex and in-depth” investigation. He was taken into custody last Thursday at in Burrillville and charged as a fugitive from justice.

Farley waived extradition and was brought back to Connecticut, where he is currently being held on a $50,000 bond pending his arraignment Tuesday.