PLAINVILLE, Conn. (WPRI) — A Connecticut family has a new tenant living in their backyard.

Vincent Dashukewich says they let their dog outside of their Plainville home when all of a sudden the dog started growling at something under the porch.

That something turned out to be a huge black bear that has been hibernating under the deck in their backyard for about a week.

Dashukewich has posted the bear, which they are calling “Marty,” on social media which has received mixed reactions from viewers.

“Half the people are like this is the scariest thing ever and the other half are like, can you pet it, it looks so cuddly,” he said. “So we’re trying to keep our distance but he is cute.”

The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection told the family to leave the bear alone, saying he would likely leave on his own by the end of the month.

“He’s been super chill, I’ve gone out to check on him a few times and he hasn’t really moved,” Dashukewich said. “He’s looked at me a few times but he’s pretty calm right now.”

If the bear becomes a problem, officials said a crew would come and remove it from the property.