EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — The summer travel season is starting to wind down, meaning airlines are offering a variety of deals for those planning on traveling this fall.

Hayley Berg from Hopper tells 12 News September and October are the cheapest months to travel both nationally and internationally.

“We are already seeing fares for international trips — like trips to Europe — down hundreds of dollars from the summer peak,” Berg explained, adding that flights are averaging 30% off both internationally domestically.

Right now, Berg said domestic flights are hovering around $260, while international flights are well under $1,000.

Berg said the vast majority of travelers vacation during throughout the summer months, which is why airlines drop their prices during the fall.

“Some of the best fares available are for regional destinations, like Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean,” she said.

Berg said those flights are typically cheaper than longer flights to countries in Asia and Europe.

For those flying out of Rhode Island, Berg recommends travelers consider discount airlines like Spirit and Breeze.

“Make sure to look for what carriers are flying from the airport and if they might have special deals on new routes,” she said.

Berg also suggests travelers book the first flight of the day to avoid potential delays or cancelations.

“Taking the first flight of the day does actually benefit your piece of mind and potentially your wallet,” she said.

Berg said airlines will slowly increase their prices starting in mid-September, which is why it is important for travelers to book their flights as soon as possible.